Rosemary Kay

Wilde Belles

Ten year old Letti is grieving for her father, whose death she can neither bear, nor believe. Her mother and grandmother, with whom she lives, are made equally vulnerable by the loss. And into this home of hidden despair, slithers the local fishman, an apparently kind, sympathetic guardian. His intention gradually becomes clear: to manipulate the defenceless women to his own ends.  But in a reversal of the expected status quo, the most vulnerable becomes the most powerful; and the fishman meets his nemesis when he tries to charm little Lettie.

“Rosemary Kay’s Wilde Belles was a powerful, unflinching contemplation of the lacerating effects of grief and despair.” Independent on Sunday.

Wilde Belles was a stunning psychological portrait of a family trio, daughter, mother and mother-in-law, where darkness was laid upon darkness, played out on a level that went beyond prosaic reality. The trio was matched – if he was ultimately outmatched – by the creepy figure of the fishman who insinuated his way into their creaking household like an eel.” The Stage.

Produce by Kate Rowland

Won the  Alfred Bradley Bursary, 
                   Sony Award,
                   Richard Imison Award.

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