Rosemary Kay

Whose Baby

Hard hitting drama about a man who discovers he has been tricked into conceiving a child after a one night stand with a woman who is determined to raise the resulting child alone.  Their subsequent battle over access explores the controversial and topical issue of father’s rights.

Starring Andrew Lincoln and Sophie Okonedo.

Director – Rebecca Frayn

“Visually striking, with strong direction and performances.  Sophie Okonedo gives a stunning performance.”
  Time Out

“An edgy smart contemporary drama.  Whose Baby? proceeds to depict, in a superbly convincing and entertaining manner, the topical issue of fathers demonstrating for the right to have access to their kids.  Both leads are brilliant – playing flawed, three-dimensional characters who develop and change throughout the course of the story – the dialogue is sharp and funny.”  *****
 Heat Magazine

“A reverberating storyline which never conforms to perceived stereotype.  Eventually it resolves itself into something quite unexpected.  The acting throughout feels painfully true to life, the script resists the temptation to wallow, and the camerawork and narrative pace are nimble.”
 The Evening Standard


To listen to an interview with Rosemary, on Radio 4, about the making of Whose Baby, click:

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