Rosemary Kay

This Little Life

When Luke is born, seventeen weeks early, he weighs only 1lb 4oz and fits into the palm of the midwife’s hand. He is given only a 25% chance of survival. His parents Sadie and Richie are flung unexpectedly, after their happy wedding day, into the nightmare world of Neonatal Intensive Care. In this bustling, bright, hyper-real environment, they begin the agonising process of watching their premature baby son battle for life. And yet, out of this trauma, something extraordinary emerges. We begin to discover that Luke has a distinct personality: he is both a vulnerable baby and a wise, sometimes mischievous little boy with a purpose.

Like all mothers, Sadie has a desperate need to bond with her son. Prevented from the normal physical contact,  she searches for other ways to reach him. She delves into his inner life, and together they explore what it really means to be human, developing a relationship which transfigures both of them.

“Perceptive piece of TV that could only have been conceived by women.” The Observer.

“Sensitive without being sentimental or mawkish, an intimate and emotionally charged British film.” Variety

Directed by Sarah Gavron. Cinematography by David Katznelson
Produced by Stewart Mackinnon

BAFTA for Best New Writer
BAFTA for Best Director

Jury Prize for Best Debut Feature, at Toronto Film Festival
Four Royal Television Awards  
Banff TV awards, in Canada:
Three British Independent Film Awards
Pre-selected and awarded a special Prix Europa

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