Rosemary Kay

Top Tips for writers

Top Tip for writers #1: Locate the delete button. Use it often.

Top Tip for writers # 2: Delete delete delete. You might feel like a cyberman, from Doctor Who, but your script will be “Upgraded.” (You have to say it in a cyberman way, otherwise it’s not funny….)

Top Tip for writers #3: Never press send when you’re drunk.

Top Tip for writers #4: Try to avoid pressing send until you’ve re-written it so many times you can almost recite the bloody thing.

Top Tip for writers #5: Try not to re-write so many times you can recite the bloody thing, you’ll think it’s great when it’s not.

Top Tip for writers #6: You’ve got to press send sometime, just get on with it! Or you’ll miss that crucial deadline!

Top Tip for writers #7: Deadlines are not crucial, except for you. Once it’s sent, a script will sit in a pile for months.

TopTip for writers #8: Don’t contact commissioners at midnight. They’re not reading your script. Even though they‘ve had it since 2008.

TopTip for writers #9: The 3 most important things a writer needs to excel at: Rejection rejection and rejection.

TopTip for writers #10 You can be a rubbish writer, as long as you’re a brilliant editor.

TopTip for writers #11. The only way to write, is to write. It’s no good sitting there like Buddha, just  contemplating your novel.

TopTip for writers #12. Publishers don’t like to waste money on proof-readers. So pay attention to grammar and spilling, or they get pessed iff.

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