Rosemary Kay

Immersive Storytelling.

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Rosemary is interested both in conventional and innovative ways of telling stories. To this end, she has collaborated with Pete Woodbridge, a creative technologist and immersive content maker, and they are partners of the company Immersive Storylab. It’s a company which aims to explore cutting edge storytelling techniques, using immersive technologies.

Immersive Storylab produces immersive content applications, AR location-based projects, and immersive commissions across multiple sectors – eg. cultural heritage, health, smart cities. Projects are broad in range, scope and imagination, including hybridised digital and physical interactions, digital-placemaking, immersive on-the-go GPS-triggered radio-dramas leading audiences through outdoor spaces, or story-trail apps leading the audience through gamified interactive location-based narratives and dramatic events.


We are exploratory as a company, imaginatively looking for exciting, new techniques to tell stories and engage with out communal spaces. So, a large part of our work is R&D. But we also provide one-off installations, or complex, multi-level VR/AR-story commissions, perhaps as spin-offs for other conventional story machines.

Our work, often creating outdoor-based entertainment, and taking audiences away from sofa-based media entertainment, is social and health inspired. Our aim is to create shared experiences, drawing on the immediacy of theatre, but having the sustainability of film.

Visual/aural media, combined with gamified storytelling, can lead users through previously unexplored physical spaces, whether urban, rural, in need of regeneration, or under-used parts of the community. They can enhance the experience for audiences in new ways, taking them through virtual portals to mysterious worlds, where they’ll meet interactive characters, be immersed in soundscapes, find clues, and in-game currency, or solve complex story problems.

And ultimately we aim to take this new form of storytelling into realms which will allow a new kind of empathy, levels of understanding between each other, today and in the past, which will transform the way we interact in our communal spaces.

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