Rosemary Kay


Rosemary supports a number of charities. The most dear to her heart are:


a charity funding research into premature birth.

Rosemary is passionate about their work:

“Stopping, or at least, reducing the number of premature births would end the heartbreak of parents watching their newborn go through intensive care, it would help to bring down the number of neonatal deaths, it would reduce the number of disabled children who need expensive NHS care, it would improve the lives of children and families. Seems essential to me. That’s why when Saul died, my husband and I wanted to raise money for Tommy’s, and I’m always keen to promote the work they do, on all platforms.”

If you’ve read Saul: Between Two Eternities, and want to donate in memory of Saul, please visit


Big Change MCRBig Change Manchester #BigChangeMcr

Because everyone deserves a home, a safe place to call their own. And a society which tolerates the level of homelessness prevelant today is a failing society.

The Big Change fund supports people who are homeless by paying for items they need – a deposit for a home, a training course, clothes for a job interview, furnishing for a new flat, or travel costs.


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