Rosemary Kay


A psychological thriller, a passionate family saga, a rewriting of a literary classic.

This  is the story of the real Miss Havisham. In Dickens Great Expectations, she was an elderly recluse who still wears her ancient wedding dress after being jilted  as a young woman. But the woman on whom Dickens based this story was a very different woman indeed, with a very different history….

wedding dress 4

Miss Verity Havers is emerging from a life-time of self-imposed isolation in Anchorage House, her decaying family home on the Kent coast. At least the world thinks her seclusion was self-imposed, because that’s what Dickens, on the look-out for inspiration for his next novel, chooses to see. But her real history is unexpected. As she tries to reconcile with her estranged daughter, she’s forced to re-examine her past, and how she got her reputation as a mad, reclusive old woman. Her self-investigation is confounded by myriad forces: by a servant who needs to confuse her; by an inaccurate version of herself presented in the media of the day (thanks to Dickens and her misguided daughter); and ultimately by her own baffling memories, desires and expectations.

A story about the relationship between an eccentric, and naive woman, and her devoted, but manipulative servant, Anchorage brings a provocative contemporary twist to one of Dickens’ most iconic characters.


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